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AI for Mitigating Effects of Climate and Weather Changes in Agriculture

Narmada BalasooriyaC.D. AthuraliyaJanak Gunatilleke

In recent years, floods, landslides and droughts have become an annual occurrence in Sri Lanka. Despite the efforts made by the government and other entities, these natural disasters remain challenging mainly to the people who live in high risk areas. It is also crucial to predict such disasters early on to facilitate evacuation of people living in these areas. Furthermore, Sri Lankan economy largely depends on agriculture, yet this sector still remains untouched by recent advancements of AI and other predictive analytics techniques. There is an increased tendency amongst Sri Lankan youth to refrain from agriculture sector due to the lack of technology adoption and risks associated with it. The work by Peiris demonstrates how seasonal climate data is used to predict coconut yield in Sri Lanka. Another Sri Lankan tech company has initiated the project AiGrow to increase the use of state-of-the-art technology in agriculture sector by utilizing AI, smart sensor systems and fertigation systems (automated fertilizer delivery machine). Regionally, Pulse Lab Jakarta has developed a visualization tool to track the impact of forest and peatland fires in Indonesia.

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML) 2019 AI for Social Good Workshop [Workshop]