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Who We Are

We are an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company that focuses on applying machine learning and deep learning to solve problems in multiple domains. We make AI accessible to businesses. We are on a quest to transform traditional and emerging industries across the world with AI.


Our team consists of highly experienced talent from world-leading institutions and enterprises. In our prior work we have applied AI technologies in enterprise software, telecommunication, remote sensing and social media. We have presented our work at top conferences and published in international journals. We work with our digital product engineering partner Calcey Technologies to deploy enterprise solutions that are robust, secure and scalable.

What our customers are saying about us

We found ConscientAI team to be extremely knowledgeable in the field of AI. From the outset we were pleasantly surprised with how quickly they were able to get something built that fits our requirements and was useful to the business. Their practical abilities in building models to help make classifications of data are world class. The team has a knack for explaining complex concepts so that they make sense to the listener. They were reliable and dependable in delivering the project items that we needed on time and working well. We would definitely recommend ConscientAI to others, looking for AI or NLP expertise.

Mark Hingston

CTO. RunGopher, Australia

We have been working with the team at ConscientAI in situations where AI and machine learning can be used to extract information from social media to influence fast fashion. We see the value proposition brought forward by ConscientAI being in line with our business strategy of providing solutions to disrupt the decision making lead times in a vastly traditional fashion industry.

Buddhi Paranamana

General Manager - Innovation, IT & Strategy. Hela Clothing, Sri Lanka

We worked with ConscientAI to deliver a proof of concept for a large scale consumer electronics client in the USA, looking to organize and productize their proprietary data. The ConscientAI team worked in close collaboration with ours, to understand the client's unique business domain and challenges. They applied predictive analysis and modeling on big data using scalable ML tools that yielded useful business insights, assisting to fulfill the goals of the POC. They were flexible, set clear expectations and delivered on-time. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a skilled, reliable AI partner.

Mudith Uswatta

Director - Sales and Product Marketing. Calcey Technologies, Sri Lanka

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